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Exploring the Transmission – Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar

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In the twenty years (prior to meeting Matt) of attending workshops, going to healers, and meeting some of the biggest spiritual and self-help authors in the industry, I truly have never met anyone who even comes close to the clarity, miracles, integrity, and loving grace that Matt brings forth.

Matt offers what is known as a transmission of presence. Whether you’ve joined us in-person, felt the energy through our videos, or in the Angel Academy, many of you have experienced it, but may not actually know what is occurring. As I help you better understand the profound nature of Matt’s gifts, it allows you to open up more and receive on an even deeper level all that he is here to provide you.


The transmission has two components: the healing energy, and the flow of intuition. What Matt says is information coming directly from the Akashic records to assist you in resolving soul contracts, cutting old cords, and entering new timelines of spiritual growth and energetic expansion. While Matt lives as an open channel, we do not call him a channel since there is no ego to move out of the way. There are wise masters who are not intuitive, just as there are intuitive beings who are not yet masters. Matt brings a blend of both in being as masterful in embodying the light of divinity as he is intuitively clear. As wisdom is transmitted from the Akashic records through his words, the sound of Matt’s voice transmits a healing energy that entrains your brain to higher states of consciousness and rewrites your subconscious mind with the highest wisdom of the Universe.


The result of this two-part gift is astounding. Just by sitting in the presence of this transmission, layers of karma are released at lightning speed, physical ailments are healed at an accelerated rate, energetic cords are cut, and cellular memories are released, while dormant gifts of healing and intuition are activated within your energy field. Because so much healing, awakening, and transformation occur in such a short period of time, sometimes your mind is unable to keep track of what Matt is saying.


This is nothing to be concerned about, since everything Matt says is downloaded into the memory of your cells. While the ego wishes to have access to information at will, cellular memory stores information that can only be accessed in the very moment you are meant to remember it. With a deeper sense of faith in the Universe, you are able to let go into the grace of the transmission and allow your highest potential to be revealed. Whether you are watching your favorite YouTube video of Matt, joining us in-person at one of our retreats, or attending the Angel Academy, each time you are getting healed and upgraded to a brand new level of expanded consciousness.

chakras Matt views his work like an Olympic athlete who is constantly training to bring forth his gifts at an ever higher level of expression. In fact, he works with the Universe to go through upgrades on a daily basis to receive new teachings and upgrade his energy field, so he can anchor and transmit it to awaken every soul. Because Matt has entered a level of mastery where his vibration tends to double on a daily basis, it allows his transmission to increase in power by 95% from one month to the next. Whether you joined us for a Soul Gathering in the past year, or even last weekend, the energy that Matt brings forth today is at a whole new level than it was even 24 hours ago.


What is so astounding is that Matt is able to be so intuitively clear and transmit such healing wisdom in such a grounded, loving, and light-hearted way. Whether you are hoping to heal your body, release attachments to a painful past, go beyond the spiritual wall and fulfill your soul’s highest potential, or discover a life of passion, inspiration, love, and everlasting joy (perhaps all of the above), you are invited to discover the magic and miracles that blossom in your life as a result of receiving Matt’s transmission of presence.


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