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Is Enlightenment Permanent?

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Mind Without Walls

is enlightenment permanent

Is enlightenment permanent or is enlightenment a transcendent state which one loses?  If we define enlightenment as the direct realization that you are consciousness, then insight into enlightenment is the same as insight into anything else.  There was never un-enlightenment, there are no permanent states, and this realization is final.  The further realization that there is no one here to experience enlightenment is also permanent.  The confusion comes because one still has doubt about their true nature beyond the mind.  Once this is seen, realized and discerned clearly through practice, there is no way to make the mistake again.  It would be like all of a sudden thinking you were your hand.

Part of the problem with our way of “knowing” is that we are always looking outside of ourselves.  We look at other people, we judge their actions, we judge their words and we judge concepts against other concepts.  We feel…

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