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September 27th -Matt Kahn

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By Sept 27 all will have been aligned in the dimension and then go thru the process of integrating the 5th dimensional consciousness and the journey of entering 5th dimensional consciousness is one where our egoic self is not being destroyed.

It’s actually integrating felt as a dissolving, a dissolving of an egoic center of identity and instead of our identity being centered around, “I am a character around others”
it becomes, “I am the light that dwells in all,” an internal shift of perception.

We still have a personality/characteristics with an internal shift of perception. Still be among your friends and family members interacting with the 5th dimensional version of those characters whether they are interacting with 3rd dimensional perceptions of you.
Shifting from I am a separate being upon a planet to I am having an experience of being a character and what is experiencing this character is the Light Of All having diversity and unity all being celebrated throughout all one beautiful play.

After Sept 27th, anything we know about 5th dimension we are going to have to forget in order to integrate. It’s more of an unraveling of we think, do and perceive. It’s more of what you are not will remain. It’s unraveling where we simply rest and relax as the emptiness, no longer judging emptiness or any emotion as a limitation and instead we befriend every sensation, every feeling, and allow every experience that arises and comes our way to become a catalyst of our greatest awakening by helping us to practice being more loving with each experience than anyone has ever been with us in the past.

Matt Kahn
Information transcribed from:

via Mary Baldwin on Facebook
September 27, 2015 may correspond to a “Supermassive Galactic Plasma Ray” as described at

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