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Transformation By Building Yourself Up – Matt Kahn

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The old spiritual paradigm focuses on tearing things down, whereas the new spiritual paradigm invites a more miraculous depth of transformation by building yourself up. Whether the focus is on dissolving illusion, duality, the ego, or unconscious belief patterns, there is no way to tear anything down without ripping your innocence apart in the process.

Instead of having anything to resolve, process, maintain, or remember, it is the activity of building yourself up that raises your vibration to bring your highest qualities to life. This includes loving what arises, viewing life through the eyes of beauty, and focusing on what you are doing right in any given moment.

When building yourself up replaces any tendency to tear anything down, you will no longer manufacture erroneous symptoms to overcome. As this occurs, you free yourself from believing that spiritual evolution can be earned, when it exists as a truth, you are free to remember by declaring it so. This is the way of heart-centered consciousness.


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