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The Importance of Being Grounded – Matt Kahn

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While being grounded is an important component throughout your spiritual journey, it can easily sound like “mystical mumbo-jumbo”, if understood without a practical way of applying it to life. In its most simple terms, being grounded is the ability to find balance. The most direct way to discover the harmony of true balance, especially for the energetically-sensitive soul, is to embrace a practice of sobriety. If awakening is sobering up from a life-long intoxication of ego, it makes sense to adopt a life of sobriety, as a way of creating a proper foundation for realization to blossom.

While there are many who uses intoxicants to numb themselves from the overwhelming nature of feelings, or even as ways of creating momentary state changes of expanded consciousness, the true joy of abiding freedom cannot dawn until you have surrendered to the fate of sobriety, as a way of meeting life as openly and sincerely as it always meets you.

It is common for energetically-sensitive souls to seek refuge from the amount of cellular memory being processed. Whether arising as pain from the collective, or the transmutation of ancestral lineages, the constant barrage of emotional debris can be so exhausting, having a bit of space from life can be an understandable desire. However, when time is spent trying so hard to be in energetic alignment, only to overlook the addictive patterns playing out in private, the true purpose of a spiritual journey is missed, in favor of leading you deeper into the pitfalls of personal denial.

If you are truly dedicated to expanding your consciousness and serving the evolution of humanity, then learning how to ground your energy field through the practice of sobriety is an essential way to demonstrate your highest wisdom and earn your own self-respect. This does not mean you should monitor yourself in an abusive way, but simply take a closer look at the activities or intoxicants that you reach for on a regular basis. This includes anything used as a way of escaping the reality of your experience. Even though you may not like the situations at hand, or would rather accept each feeling under more pleasant circumstances, the only way to accept your experiences is to confess exactly how you feel. It may not be pretty or the most eloquent of phrases, but it doesn’t have to be. It only needs to be the most honest thing you’ve ever said to yourself.

Even if you started with: “I accept that I hate how I feel so much that I constantly look for ways to numb my pain and look away.”

Perhaps it even reveals how the one who always searches for a way out, or the one who always wants to bargain with the universe, is only here to be loved as never before. In order for each “I love you” to have the most profound effect, it must be offered to a sobering heart. Even if you read these words in an altered state, it can become an opportunity to realize, no matter how often you attempt to dilute your experience, the intensity you feel is a message from your innocence begging you to become the one who loves it as never before.

In order to be a wise, loving, and attentive guardian to your innocent heart, you deserve to recognize each emotional upheaval as a chance to build a more trustworthy relationship with your inner child. How can you recognize each emotion as a chance to love yourself, if you spend your time running away from your feelings or trying to find ways to numb your pain? Whether it’s consuming drugs or alcohol on a daily basis, or even implementing a healing modality in a compulsive manner, the objective is to pinpoint the choices you reach for as a deliberate way of checking out.

Especially for energetically-sensitive souls, one of the most courageous forms of surrender is a willingness to be sober throughout Earth’s ascension. It remains an obvious way to embody how deeply you trust in life’s divine plan, by allowing the hands of fate to mold you into the highest potential you were always destined to be. While the growing pains of spiritual evolution can be daunting, frustrating, and overwhelming, it is your ability to rely on love, as your response to stress or turmoil that inspires the evolution of your being.

Just as a light bulb cannot become illuminated until it is plugged into a socket, your energy field cannot come alive in consciousness, until every desire to numb yourself become invitations to embrace the one who hurts. I share these words as a way of empathizing with the innocence within you that may be in constant search for a way out. May these words shine a gentle light of awareness into the shadows of your life to reveal the places your innocence hides, while waiting for a sign that it is safe to come out and play.

With every step forward, the universe guides you into infinite realms of health, alignment, balance, harmony and liberation, but only once you have become energetically grounded through a practice of sobriety. With love as your guide, each desire or impulse reveals a child within your heart, who desperately craves your loving approval through a mirage of insatiable hunger. May you come to see how it only longs for numbness, since it has yet to realize, how worthy of love it has always been.

Once your innocence learns of it’s true worth and value, which occurs at the rate in which you embrace your own heart, any addictive pattern dissolves in the presence of your elevated vibration and grounded energy field. As this occurs, you invite your heart to open, which confirms to the universe that you are ready know yourself beyond the boundary of any concept or conclusion.


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