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Here We Go ~Karen Bishop 9.16.2014

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excerpt… “We are no longer being held, even though the
pushing and holding energies are still present. We are very simply, preparing for this amazing and
monumental move that is soon to arrive. We may find ourselves asking what it truly is that we want
in our lives. What we really want to be doing. Not what makes sense, or what we need do to earn
a living, but what and who we are at our core. Perhaps what we loved as a child, or something so
simple, pure, and innocent that it only makes sense to us. These things will be possible, and we
need not wonder how they will transpire. We need only follow the trail of what comes our way, even
if it does not make sense.”

Infinite Shift

…We are without a doubt making enormous progress with ascension, and this is why there is so muchoccurring at this time. But first, a brief recap to put it all into perspective which will hopefully give ourcurrent goings on more relevance…

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