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A Journey to Oneness – an excerpt – by Rasha

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An Excerpt from
A Journey to Oneness
A Chronicle of Spiritual Emergence 

Why You Have Chosen the Experience You Think of as “Life”

“You are here to add your own signature to the collective work you think
of as your world—with full conscious awareness of it.”

“Oneness speaks:
“We are Oneness—not a form of identity but rather a state of Beingness. We are the collective of consciousness of which you, the linear identity, are a part. We are not other than what you are, taken to the ultimate degree of expression. We are here as you are here, ever Present as the Essence of the identity you have come to think of as “you.”

Oneness describes the state of Presence
You encompass the Divinity within—that which has always been and will always Be. Regardless of whether you are presently experiencing yourself in physical form, you cease to be a being with a linear orientation. Your focus of awareness transcends the cares and concerns of the world of mundane reality.

You find yourself to be Present as Awareness itself, traveling through a vista of perception, yet knowing that you are not in any way a part of this imagery. Your participation becomes marginal in the matters that consume the waking hours of others who are experiencing themselves within the context of linear reality. You recognize that you are “in the world yet not of the world” in every way imaginable.

Your reactions and interests become childlike. You observe with keen attention and with wonder the details of the world in which you experience awareness—as though you were watching a movie, a kaleidoscope of intrigue, as the threads of Divine intent weave their magic all around you. And in the same breath, you recognize yourself to be emotionally distanced from all of it. You know that none of it touches you at the level where you experience Presence. There, the perspective of the witness presides, the epitome of detachment walking through an ever-shifting landscape of possibility.

Adding your own signature to the composite of Divine experience we think of as our world
Every nuance of imagery adds refinement to the composite projection taken up as experience. By giving structure and definition to the limitless, simply by being who you Are in this moment in time, you add your own touch to the composite of Divine experience, perceived throughout all Creation.

There is no higher or lower. You are not in any way better than another, by virtue of the fact that you understand the dynamics of the process while most are blind to the truth of what transpires in the Here and Now you think of as your world. You are simply holding the note in the resonance of the collective that you have chosen to hold. That note may be loud or soft, shrill or soothing—it does not matter. Your vision of what you have chosen to contribute to the collective resonance of linear experience is what it is. And as such, it adds its touch to the collective experience that is shared by every nuance of perception present—as each of you.

This opportunity is the limitless palate of Creation that has been placed before you. The canvas of infinite possibility cries out for your touch to give it definition—to give the moment in which Life perceives itself the structure of your own unique vision. That is why you have chosen to be here. You are here to add your own signature to the collective work you think of as your world—with full conscious awareness of it.

Why you have chosen the experience you think of as “life”
You are here to know who you Are in every moment in which you draw breath through form. You are here to insure that the choices made in the name of the perspective that wears your identity are reflective of a clear vision. As such, they become the highest possible notes that might be added to a symphony in which all are equal players.

This is what you have chosen to experience in the nanosecond you think of as your life. That is why you have embarked on this journey. And that is why, in this transitional place in the itinerary, you have chosen to exit the major thoroughfares on which the world travels and forge your own trail. You are not alone. The world is ready to make this shift now. And masses of individuals will be making similar choices and having related kinds of experiences to ones that seemed to be uniquely your own.”

~ ~ ~

From the book, A Journey to Oneness, by Rasha. Copyright 2013

About Rasha
Author of the spiritual classic, Oneness, Rasha has worked as Divine Messenger for over 25 years. In 1998, she began a profound dialogue with the universal Presence, “Oneness”—the Divinity we all share and many refer to as “God.” Word for word, she transcribed the principles that give us a new level of understanding of the mystery we call “life”— and empower us to transform our lives and our world. Her teachings are universal and focus on the personal experience of the Divinity within each of us. An incurable world traveler, Rasha now lives at the foot of the mystical mountain, Arunachala, in South India.

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In A Journey to Oneness—the long-awaited sequel to the underground spiritual classic, Oneness—Divine Messenger, Rasha, takes us along on a seven-year odyssey through the labyrinths of consciousness, as she shares the incredible story of her own spiritual journey. With the profound wisdom of Oneness (the Divine Presence often referred to as “God”) to light the way, A Journey to Oneness takes us for an authentic ride on the roller-coaster of spiritual transformation and gives us the tools to radically change our lives—and transform our world.

Rich with Divine insight and eye-opening metaphysical concepts, A Journey to Oneness speaks directly to the inner quest of each of us. The loving guidance of Oneness, woven throughout the story, awakens the sacred sense of Divine connectedness that waits to be discovered within us all. The simple act of reading becomes a life-changing journey of the heart that the reader shares on an intimate, personal level.

Here, in one woman’s unforgettable spiritual adventure, is the key to the mysterious momentum of change suddenly unfolding within the depths of each of us. Page by page, A Journey to Oneness takes us hand in hand to common ground: the extraordinary experience of Oneness—the God within us all.


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