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You truly are the beloved children of God temporarily lost within the confusing maze that is the illusion.

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Jesus through John

Another year has passed and humanity still waits for the event, the awakening, the move into full consciousness, yet nothing of note seems to have occurred to indicate that you are any closer.  Naturally doubts and suspicions arise.  Is it all pie in the sky, wishful thinking?  Or is humanity just a biological system, for instance like a colony of ants, in which a biological drive or determinant, with no real awareness of itself, causes a flow of energy or activity that produces, through chemical interactions, a large number of different directives causing the colony to split into warring factions. Warring factions with very different but strongly held conflicting beliefs. Is life in fact meaningless, godless, pure happenstance?

Many of you are experiencing doubts like this, or similar ones, and yet deep within you know that these doubts are unwarranted because you know that you truly are the beloved children…

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Balance: taking your interests seriously while taking yourself lightly...♥!

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