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SNIPPETS from IRELAND: Land of the Pharaohs – Your true history

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IRELAND:  Land of the Pharaohs

Andrew Power

“The parasitical elite… can only retain power over us by keeping us in ignorance of who and what we really are, and that is accomplished by obscuring our true history.”

Snippets from this book will allow you a synopsis of our true history.

You may download the entire book for free at:*ZPWyC77–6ztWWJxE-etqcKMQP69Jj*Qk*AOpq8nVl*3osCjCt9c-kcTvTmSA6/IRELANDLANDOFTHEPHAROA0HS.pdf

If the link does not work, you can goggle the name of the book … look for the pdf copy.



*According to Conor MacDari, in his book Irish Wisdom, p. 142. Hebrew was jargon for Irish. (page182)

The history of the Israeli tribes is an essential part of the Orange Order’s imagery and heritage, as well as being integral to the chronology of ancient Ireland. (page 183)

So it was with that other great anti-establishment, anti-authority, ‘Aryan’ teacher Jesus, 1,300 years later. Jesus, Aryan? Esoteric literature reveals…

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