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You are rushing homewards and nothing now stands in your way

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Jesus through John

You are racing towards the finish, the moment of your awakening into the realization of who you truly are.  You have all been working assiduously for decades now as you make your way homewards towards Heaven, your true Home.  It matters not what word you use to attempt to define your destination, because words are incapable of providing an adequate description or word picture of Reality.  However, you are shortly to experience the rewards that your sterling efforts have earned for each one of you, and for the rather large segment of humanity that, despite all the nudges, guidance, and wake-up calls it has received over the eons, has remained determinedly asleep.  Every human entered the Earth plane to encounter and learn the lessons it needed for it to find and proceed along its path home to Reality.  And every human is on its homeward path; it is just that…

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