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What purpose could be more important than to experience once more the utter joy of being your true selves

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Jesus through John

Humanity is racing towards the moment of awakening and your momentum is unstoppable.  Many of you feel that nothing of note is going on as you watch or listen to the daily news from the mass media and hear more of the same kinds of stories that you have been hearing for years.  But beneath the level of your conscious awareness much is happening, and you are aware of it at a deep inner level.  It is apparent in your daily lives, either as stuff coming up for attention and release or as a sense that something of significance, of considerable importance, but you know not what, is in the offing.  It is unsettling because you are looking for indications or signs from the media that would validate your inner sense of expectancy, but that cannot occur.  What will happen is that changes, which will be shocking for many, will…

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Balance: taking your interests seriously while taking yourself lightly...♥!

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