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The information now being brought into the light is empowering you all as never before

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We are all one.  That is the divine, the inescapable, and the most wondrous truth, and all you need to do is to embrace it and live it.  When you do there will be peace, harmony, and unconditional acceptance throughout humanity.  The energies of your New Age are flooding in and demonstrating this truth all over the world as ever more of you open yourselves in acceptance of it.  It is an eternal truth that is now becoming so obvious, so irrefutable, that no one can continue to deny it and still claim to be level-headed or well-informed.

Your science has proven, without any possibility of doubt, that you cannot go on treating your planet as a place of unlimited resources for you to mine, while at the same time desecrating her by your literally poisonous agricultural policies and by using her as a toxic waste dump in which to…

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Balance: taking your interests seriously while taking yourself lightly...♥!

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