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These last moments of your illusory life experience are very intense

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Jesus through John

We are one Consciousness, God (our Source), all those in the spiritual realms, and all those in physical form throughout all physical universes.  Love and all Its many aspects are conscious energy waves in infinite abundance flowing freely throughout creation, and anything not in alignment with Love is completely illusory.  God is Love and He could not and would not wish to create anything that was not in perfect harmony with Himself.  In Reality, in the divine Presence there is brilliant, awe-inspiring Light, in which there is total clarity, total understanding, total wisdom, and unconditional loving acceptance of all of God’s creations.  What you experience within the illusion – fear, anger, anxiety, suffering, in fact, general alarm, pain, and confusion – is UNREAL!  You built and maintained the illusion to experience lack of Love, and it seems that you succeeded!  But that is because you focus your attention on it…

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Balance: taking your interests seriously while taking yourself lightly...♥!

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