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The more freely you offer Love, the more It fills you

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Jesus through John

The reality of the oneness of humanity, your interdependence on each other, and of course on the planet that so lovingly supports you is breaking into the awareness of even those most resistant to such a concept.  This awareness is an essential part of your ongoing awakening process, and even those most impervious so far to the idea are realizing that their children and grandchildren need an environment in which peace and harmony prevail, which is why they too are choosing to become aware and to become the change that human survival on Earth demands.

Those in “failed” relationships, although consumed with bitterness for each other, do love their progeny and want the best for them.  Their concept of what is best for them may be faulty, but the intent is loving.  And truly there are no “failed” relationships because every relationship is a mutually chosen series of lessons which

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Balance: taking your interests seriously while taking yourself lightly...♥!

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