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No solutions can be found by joining with the darkness in its conflicts

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excerpt…” Taking sides and joining the fray gives it momentum, adds energy to it, and causes even more suffering.  No solutions can be found by joining with the darkness in its conflicts; the solution is to assimilate it by shining the Light of your Love brightly, indiscriminately, and determinedly into every nook and cranny.  Where there is Light darkness cannot be, and you are wayshowers and Light-bearers of amazing intensity, and when you choose to be seen bringing calmness and gentleness to the darkest of situations, the darkness dissipates, melds with the Light, and is gone.  There is only God and the infinite brilliance of His divine Light…”

Jesus through John

We are One, God, and all of creation, all sentient consciousness, every single incarnate human (who has been in, is now in, or will enter that state of human embodiment), all that exists.  You know this because you have been told it more than often enough, and deep within yourselves your intuition tells you it is true, even though as embodied humans you do not for the most part experience it.  A few have had brief and ecstatic encounters with that Oneness, but while you remain embodied they can only be temporary, although the memories remain, because you cannot bring those encounters into the illusion, into time, where you appear to have your existence – they are timeless, limitless, eternal, and so it is impossible.  They just won’t fit!

But knowing, believing, and having faith that all are One, focus on treating all others as if they were yourself, and…

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