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Forgive yourselves for what in truth you have not done

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excerpt…“Love is your nature; It is everyone’s nature, and to inflict pain or suffering hurts and damages the inflicters.  And of course the only escape is through Love which terrifies them because, knowing what they have done – a state of denial cannot be indefinitely maintained – they feel utterly ashamed and unworthy of the Love that is constantly offered to them by God, as He offers It to all of creation.  No one is unworthy of His Love or need feel ashamed because these unloving acts and behaviors are unreal, have never happened, even though they seem intensely real

Your Father knew what the illusion would lead to because in His infinite Intelligence and Wisdom He knows all, and He immediately provided you with the means to find your way Home to Reality, the unbreakable connection to His Love, to His Light, so that when the games no longer pleased you, you could return to Him…”

Jesus through John

The news is good as the intensifying divine energies sweep across the planet, embracing all.  No one is left unembraced because all are one, and as all intend to awaken, all will awaken.  It is your Father’s Will and yours too, so no other outcome is remotely possible.  Focus on the good news that is being reported in many places and add your loving energy and enthusiasm to it.  Be aware of any bad news but do not focus on it with anxiety or judgment because that gives it energy.  Just send love and compassion to those involved, whatever their roles appear to be.

Your loving intent dissolves fear and anger.  To maintain a loving intent at all times is the most positive action you can take to assist in humanity’s awakening, and it is your main reason for being incarnate at this point in Earth’s history.  You have enormous…

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