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The pace of change in attitude across the world is gathering momentum

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excerpt…”Love is the Oneness of the divine Source of infinite and eternal (just to be absolutely clear: no beginning and no end), loving, intelligent consciousness, creating harmonious and stunningly beautiful abundance just for the pure joy of it.”

excerpt…“Daily relaxation in your inner place of peace is essential to the awakening process that you are undergoing, because it is there that you are most receptive to and best able to hear the guidance and intuitive insights that you need to maintain awareness of, in order to awaken from the illusion.  Those messages of guidance, those insights are as oxygen to a spark, inflaming the Light of Love that is within each of you and enabling you to bear it on high for all to share and enjoy.  Love demonstrated is an energy of incredible power, and each one of you has that power within you in infinite abundance.”

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Humanity is on a roll!  Yes, you really are.  The pace of change in attitudes and behaviors all across the world is gathering momentum as the newly engaged-with energies that were released to you in December 2012 strengthen your collective intent to awaken and eternally enjoy Reality — your normal fully conscious and fully enlightened state.

In that wondrous state, Love is the engine, the creative energy, the divine power grid that maintains, supports, and makes possible all that exists.  It is totally clean, infinitely abundant, fulfilling, and available, and from It all of creation receives everything it could ever need or conceive of to maintain infinite quantities of live, loving, intelligent consciousness, creating further abundance in perfect beauty and harmony, eternally.

The most practical form of allegory I can use to give you some tiny comprehension of Love is to compare It to electricity.  Electricity flows easily and powerfully…

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