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The manuscript of survival – part 284

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aisha north

( I got a short personal message  from The CCs this morning, and was asked to sit down later today for another message. That is what I did, and that is why til message starts in this way. Aisha)

I am back, is there more. Oh yes, sweet child, there will always be more, more than you can even begin to understand. We stand beside you now, in our splendor, admiring how you are all starting to unfold those beautiful butterfly wings of yours. For you have managed to tap into that reservoar of truth you have so longed to access, not only in this life, but for eternity. And here you all are, poised on the brink of greatness. For you have seen the wisdom in connecting, and through that, you have given your greatness on the altar for us all, and for this, you will be made into…

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Balance: taking your interests seriously while taking yourself lightly...♥!

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