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To live timelessly will delight you

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Jesus through John

In Reality life is fun, great fun!  Here in the spiritual realms, there is always an air of playfulness as we attend to the work in hand.  Of course work here is not in the remotest sense like work on Earth, where most of you struggle to manage your financial obligations and feed and shelter your loved ones, frequently doing work that you positively dislike.

What we call work is our vocation, our calling, our brief, an occupation to which we are perfectly suited, and which stimulates us, excites us, fascinates us, and entrances us – it is “following our bliss” – and we are constantly, enthusiastically engaged with it because of that.  Needless to say it is endlessly creative and uplifting.

When you awaken, you will take your places beside us — already reserved for you since the moment of your creation — engaging actively and harmoniously with us…

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Balance: taking your interests seriously while taking yourself lightly...♥!

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