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The manuscript of survival – part 281

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aisha north

For many of you, the upheavals you have been experiencing lately, indeed are maybe still in the midst of, will signal an important departure from much of what you have looked upon as an integral part of your life. For now, everything that does not serve you anymore will be slowly but surely extracted from your life, but as most of these things have very deep roots indeed, it will not be a very swift process. You see, much of this are issues that have been allowed to bury themselves deep, deep within your psyche in some way, and as such, this extraction process will not be without its challenges. For, as we have talked about so many times earlier, your whole human set up has been designed in such a way it craves stability more than anything, and now, that is the last thing you can expect. So these…

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Balance: taking your interests seriously while taking yourself lightly...♥!

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