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Citizens have given away far too much of their power

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Humanity’s desire for a better way of living is strengthening as more whistle-blowers reveal disturbing and unpleasant secrets that your “authorities” wish to suppress or keep hidden from you — secrets that clearly demonstrate that they cannot be trusted and should not have authority over anyone.  As they are revealed they further your desire for and intent to achieve major systemic change in all the myriad authoritarian organizations that have been spawned across the planet over the eons of your recorded history.

Histories are the stories that the winners and survivors choose to tell and write down, during or after the events they supposedly refer to, in order to show themselves as beings of wisdom and integrity working honestly for the good of all, when in truth they are always very heavily biased accounts, frequently offering out-and-out lies as truths to justify the chaos and suffering that they have caused…

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