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excerpt…“Time is an invention that you have constructed, and how to use it or whether to use it is a choice you make in every moment, even though you are probably unaware of it.  Those of you who believe you do not have enough time to do what you want, or believe you need to do, can change that belief.  To do so is very de-stressing.  Those of you who believe that you cannot, because your work demands that belief, can find different work; or if you enjoy the work, then change your belief and see what happens.  You will probably find that the time shortage that was such a concern slowly dissolves…”

Jesus through John

Time is a barrier to your ability to understand the spiritual realms, because it is practically impossible for you to not make it a part of any concepts or ideas that you develop.  It is as though you could go directly from place A to place B, but instead choose to go via all the other letters of the alphabet, possibly many more times than once. A to B is instantaneous; the other route takes time and can seem endless, and is quite unnecessary.

And that is difficult for you to make sense of, because you measure space – distance through the cosmos – by means of the passage of time (light years), leading to the logical conclusion that you cannot really expect, even with the most highly developed technology, to move beyond your local solar system.  You have basically set yourselves up to believe that you are contained when…

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Balance: taking your interests seriously while taking yourself lightly...♥!

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