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excerpt…“There is a feeling of the world holding its breath to see what will happen. Also, it seems that the whirlwind you lived in for so long had begun to subside. There is a feeling of calmness, of quiet. It is time allowed you for an assessment of who you are, of what you want to do, for a flexing of your internal muscles. Time to learn how to walk in your newness, dear ones.

For many, it is time to realize there is a newness. Some dear ones will be surprised at new feelings, at what comes out of their mouths. Some final adjustments are still being made. That is causing quite a few of you to sleep far more than you were used to. It will pass quickly…”

Oracles and Healers




Welcome to your new age.  Is there not a feeling of newness around you?  Some are having difficulty orienting themselves in such a different internal environment.  You will have yourselves anchored firmly soon.

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Balance: taking your interests seriously while taking yourself lightly...♥!

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