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Remember, in Reality there is only joy

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excerpt…“And of course the moment for you to burst into song, as you take your reserved places in the heavenly choirs with which you feel most in harmony, will soon be upon you. The power and intensity of that moment will dissolve any remaining traces of fears or doubts to which any of you might still be clinging. You will be like small children arriving at a party: some of you will rush in enthusiastically, while others will hang back a little, feeling shy or slightly overwhelmed by the wonder of this new state. But your guides will be there to hold the hands of the shy ones, and to lead you all forwards so that you can confidently take the divinely assigned places that await you in the heavenly choir of your choice.

And, if some of you imagine that you cannot sing, or that music is not among your creative abilities and talents, then be prepared for an enormous and wholly inspiring surprise as you find your voices and become one with the beautiful angelic harmonies your choir is expressing so magnificently. Remember, in Reality there is only joy and all the limitless ways in which it can be expressed…”

Jesus through John

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Here in the spiritual realms we are all enthralled and amazed at the cracking pace you have set yourselves for this final part of your homeward journey.  You are sweeping forward invincibly, letting go of all the old and outdated emotional baggage that has weighed on you so heavily.  The power of the divine Love field continues to intensify because you are engaging with it so enthusiastically, especially when you take part in global meditation events.

You know that they are powerful because of the collective group intent that is set – no matter that the wording of the intent varies with different cultures and languages – which brings you all together to mesh and integrate with the divine energy field.  However, you really do not know the half of it!  If you could see the glorious and stunningly beautiful colors…

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