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Arcturians message for 12th nov 12 |

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excerpt…Greetings beloved ones we are the Arcturians and we are here to help support and to further free the human heart from the deeply held emotions that you as a human being have been taught to store and to prevent you from expansion. It is the wrapping of grief around the human heart that has contained and suppressed the human race and it is this grief that is now pouring out across and within the human race at this time.

We are here to guide further on this process and help you gain clarity of inner vision in relation to this deeply held grief. As a race you have been taught by those who trained you to keep SELF in a lower vibration, that grief is inevitable and that you will be numbed by the grief that you carry for eternity. This is NOT TRUTH and we are here to help you dissolve this teaching so that you may reveal the TRUTH hidden in plain view. For you came to this planet to live life as a human being in order to experience all emotions available to you as a member of the human race…”

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