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The manuscript of survival – part 219

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excerpt…“For centuries, mankind have been literally wallowing in the same kind of energetic soup, a soup designated to ensure a very specific kind of evolution. You have come a long way during these centuries, but only up to a point, as you have been prevented from moving any further in any direction that would in the end make you all more powerful. And in this, your evolution has in so many ways been a crippled one. But now, as this energetic soup has been more than stirred up because of all of these incoming barrages of information being beamed onto your planet from sources far removed from your shores, it will literally be like you are starting to breathe fresh air again after being cooped up in a small closet for a very long time. And as such, your bodies will have a hard time adjusting at first, because it literally needs to readjust all of the levers that have been regulating your intake, to call it that, in so many ways.”

aisha north

Today is an important day indeed, as it hold within its confines the hopes and prayers of millions of people. We talk not about the election of one man to an earthly position here, but we talk of the choice that so many others will make in their hearts today. You see, this is not only about the election of a single individual that will be chosen as the president of one of the countries you have been divided into on this planet. We talk about the fact that from now on, the energies that have been transmuted and changed into a whole new octave, will start to make their voice heard in so many ways. You see, underneath all of the hustle and bustle created by this election, and by so many other ”superficial” events going on at the same time, the renewal of this planet’s energetic layer has…

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