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You are being lovingly activated to bring your spiritual abilities on line

excerpt…”…to attempt to describe what lies just ahead would be pointless because, in terms that you could grasp and understand with your severely limited bodily senses, there is no field of human knowledge or exploration that could in the smallest way envision what is about to unfold for you. Deep within, you all have hopes, great hopes, that for the most part you have suppressed or denied because in your unawakened state they seem insane in the extreme. But, of course, they are not. They are merely tiny fragments of memory from the time before you chose to hide yourselves in an imaginary, separated state of existence far removed from the glory of your natural, divine state. They are sparks from the inextinguishable flame of God’s Love within you, attempting to awaken you, as they surely will.”

Jesus through John

Many of you are experiencing heavenly dreams as the moment for humanity’s awakening draws ever closer.  Enjoy them, revel in them, and know that they are but a very faint intimation of what truly lies ahead for you.  The creative power that God possesses, and lovingly shares with you in its entirety, is completely beyond your ability to comprehend while you remain entangled within the illusion. Nevertheless, you are soon going to be availing yourselves of it and delighting in the infinite possibilities that it offers you.  Prepare yourselves for never-ending amazing and delightful, heavenly surprises when you awaken.

Until then, focus attentively on your intent to awaken and on your other equally important task: the intent to assist everyone with whom you interact to awaken as well.  Your assistance is vital, so be careful not to dismiss your thoughts on how you can best help others as grandiose projections…

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